April Wedding

  • The families agreed on April 20, 1854, in New York City for the wedding of John ("Jack") Wilkes and Jane ("Jeanie") Smedberg.
  • Jack began the long journey from Charlotte in March.
  • As the 20th grew "alarmingly near," Jeanie counted on the latest communication technology of her time:

[I]f a telegraph can travel like lightening let us know where you are at that time & if you will surely be here. It would be rather awkward if you should be detained or meet with accidents after the notes [invitations] are out, would not it - & if it could be avoided I would prefer waiting till your arrival to send them; but from Monday to Thursday would be too short notice; too contrary to etiquette. - from her letter to Jack, April 3, 1854

Railroad Routes from Charlotte to New York 
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