CM Story

1989 Library Board of Trustees

Robert C. Sink, Chairman

Dennis Rash, Vice-Chairman

Mary P. Bogguss

Rev. Calvin A. Hood

Eleanor R. Morris

Elizabeth S. Randolph

Sally Robinson

Robert E. Cannon

Director of Libraries
1989 Board of County Commissioners

Carla E. DuPuy, Chairman

Thomas Rodney Autrey, Vice Chairman

John G. Blackmon

George Higgins

Peter Keber

Barbara E. Lockwood

Rev. Robert L. "Bob" Walton

Gerald G. Fox

County Manager


The author gratefully acknowledges her debt to authors of earlier histories of the Public Library of Charlotte and Mecklenburg County: Louella S. Posey, Martha Watkins Flournoy and Hoyt R. Galvin. Thanks are due also to Allegra Westbrooks, Mary Louise Phillips, Mae S. Tucker, Jeanne T. Scranton, Sarah L. Stone and Elizabeth Crawford for sharing the memories of their years with the library.