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38th EVAC: The Story of the Men and Women who who served in World War Two with the 38th Evacuation Hospital in North Africa and Italy 1966 Legette Blythe
This book was compiled from letters written to family members at home. The doctors and nurses of the 38th Evac. Hospital unit were drawn from Charlotte Memorial Hospital during WW II.

An African-American Album: The Black Experience in Charlotte and Mecklenburg County
Elizabeth Randolph, editor; Patricia Ryckman, project coordinator
This book, now out of print, is made up of photographs donated by community members. These compelling images reflect African-American life in the years before 1950.
Carver College (1949-1964) was an institution of higher learning for African American students in Charlotte. 
 Information on Carver College [1949-1958] - a 100+ page study of Carver College's growth in enrollment and curriculum in its first ten years.
Chain of Error and the Mecklenburg Declarations of Independence: A New Study of Manuscripts: Their Use, Abuse, and Neglect
V.V. McNitt
This is a study of the scholarship on the Mecklenburg Declaration. The author finds crucial errors and misunderstandings that have served to unjustly undermine the case for the document's authenticity.
Charlotte in Picture and Prose
1906 Julia Alexander
Julia Alexander (1876-1957) was a lawyer and candidate for mayor of Charlotte.
Charlotte Mecklenburg Library: A Century of Service
1989 Patricia Ryckman
In the same year as the Main Library moved into a new building, Carolina Room Manager Patricia Ryckman wrote this history of public library services in Charlotte. 
Charlotte: Now a City of More than 100,000 Population, "The Queen City of the South"
Charlotte Chamber of Commerce
An illustrated description of the resources, amenities, and history of the City of Charlotte. (Please note that because of a damaged sheet in the original, the two pages that would have followed page five of the pdf are missing in this copy.)
Echo of the Bugle Call: Charlotte's Role in World War I
Miriam Grace Mitchell and Edward Spaulding Perzel
What began as a graduate student project for Miriam Mitchell became, with the help of Professor Perzel of UNC Charlotte, a full-length book on Camp Greene and how it changed the city of Charlotte.
Hornets' Nest: The Story of Charlotte and Mecklenburg County
Legette Blythe and Charles Brockman
From the "Foreword" by Public Library Director Hoyt Galvin: "The book is planned to serve two purposes. The first is to provide an interesting narrative history of city and county. The other is to serve as a reference book for answering the questions most frequently asked about the locality and its citizens."
Plum Thickets and Field Daisies
1996 Rose Leary Love
This book is a memoir of the author's life in the Brooklyn neighborhood of Charlotte. She left the original manuscript in the care of her friends. When the Brooklyn she described ceased to exist, the historical value of the manuscript increased.
 Sketches of Charlotte
 1888 Charlotte Chamber of Commerce
An introduction for outsiders to "the busiest, the most progressive, and the most enterprising city in North Carolina."
Shout Freedom!
1948 Legette Blythe
"Shout Freedom!" played for three thousand people a night for two weeks in May of 1948. It employed a huge stage and cast and spectacular effects to tell the story of Mecklenburg County in the Revolutionary era.
 To GI's: Welcome Home 
Charlotte Chamber of Commerce
To G.I.'s - Welcome Home is believed to have been published by the Charlotte Chamber of Commerce to welcome our troops back to the city and ease their transition back into civilian life.
 Welcome Soldier!
Charlotte Junior Chamber of Commerce