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The Carolina Room Image Collection provides online access to historical photographs and postcards of Charlotte and Mecklenburg County. The site is intended for both curiosity seekers and researchers.

Requesting Images

The Carolina Room provides an image service to the public for a fee. To request prints using the online catalog, identify your image and record the image number. The image number includes the collection letter, the year cataloged, the series number, the image number and the negative number. The image number is listed on the image detail page. The number should look something like this: H.2000.01.100.14. 

Collection Year Cataloged Series # Photograph # Negative #
H 2000 01 100 14

Using this information, the staff can easily locate the image. However, please note whether or not a negative is available for the photograph. This data can be obtained on the image detail page as well. If a negative is not available, there is an additional fee for creating one. The negative becomes the property of the library. 

The Carolina Room staff is always glad to assist patrons with photograph requests. Prints from our collection have appeared in museum exhibits, news programs, network documentaries, magazines and newspapers.

Scanning Images

Requests for an image to be scanned and sent via email are treated like regular reference questions and no fee is involved. The image will be scanned no higher than 350 dpi. If patrons requests images at a resolution of 400 dpi or higher, the image/s are burned on a CD and there is a fee of $10.00 to cover the costs of materials. Requests for ten or more images fall under the department’s fee research policy. A deposit of $15.00 must be made at the time of the request. (This fee does not cover the expense of a CD if that is needed.)

Image Reprinting

  • Orders normally take one week to complete. Requests containing more than five images require eighteen or more days because of the photo lab's workload and the time involved preparing the order. Please inform staff of any deadline at the time the order is made.
  • The library charges an additional $30.00 fee for reprint orders requiring staff research. Patrons should prepay orders either by cash, check, credit card or money order.

The Carolina Room ships the prints via the US Mail, Federal Express and UPS. These costs are added to the bill unless other arrangements are made.

Black and White

Custom Print

Please specify any of the following options when placing an order: no cropping, glossy, pearl or satin finish.

5x7 - $16.00 8x10 - $20.00 11x14 - $26.00 16x20 - $50.00 20x24 - $ 73.00

Sepia Tones

Sepia tones are double the costs of black and white and are available upon request for black & white images only.


Standard machine prints, glossy finish. Custom prices are available upon request.

5x7 - $7.00 8x10 - $14.00 11x14 - $21.00

Copy Negatives

If a negative is not available, there will be an additional charge of $36.00 to cover the costs. The negative becomes the property of the library.

Special Notes:

  • All negatives and prints are the property of the Public Library of Charlotte and Mecklenburg County. Prints made for publications are for one-time use only.
  • Photographs used in exhibitions or publications must provide the following information:

    Photograph appears courtesy of the Robinson-Spangler Carolina Room - Charlotte Mecklenburg Library.

For more information contact us or call 704.416.0150.