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About This Exhibit: Exhibit Name, Exhibit Logo and Credits

Gold Star Veterans is a web exhibit brought to you through the Charlotte Mecklenburg Story, the Charlotte Mecklenburg Library's local history website. The project honors those lost during WWII as well as the friends and family each left behind.

Exhibit Name
  During both World Wars families and local businesses remembered those serving by hanging a "Service Flag." These flags were usually white with a red border and in the center bore a blue star for each household or community member in service. If someone died while in service, the blue star was replaced or covered by a "Gold Star." This exhibit revives the use of the gold star to honor all those lost. (from The Flag Book of the United States, by Whitney Smith, c. 1975)
To see a Service Flag, visit the National Archives Online Exhibit Hall - World War II Posters: Powers of Persuasion. The flag is used in the poster . . . Because Somebody Talked!    by Wesley, 1943.
To learn more about Charlotte and Mecklenburg County during World War II, please visit The Home Front. Click here to find a list of soldiers and patriots who survived the war. More information is available about them in the Carolina Room.
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Exhibit Logo             Logo for Gold Star Veterans Exhibit  Click for larger version.
   The following veterans are featured in this exhibit's logo, found at (beginning at 12 o'clock and moving around the star clockwise): John W. CrowleyWilliam Carl Deese Hayward Alexander Floyd Douglas Terry , and David Anderson Allen .

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Initial Web Exhibit Launch Date -- January 2000

Thanks to the many people, known and unknown, who have contributed to this project since its inception in 1946.

The Charlotte Observer
The Charlotte News
The photographs, as well as most of the obituaries, missing in action reports and stories about these veterans, and the honors their families received on their behalf were obtained from The Charlotte Observer and The Charlotte News.
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The Charlotte News Staff
The Charlotte Observer Staff
Jane Johnson
Don Martin
Bill Sumner
Whitsett Photo Company
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Web Exhibit Team

Jane Johnson, Project Coordinator
Chuck Rigney, Web Design and Services
Dick Ridley, Imaging

Robinson-Spangler Carolina Room Staff

Chris Bates, Curator and Manager
Shelia Bumgarner
Valerie Burnie
Jane Johnson
Rosemary Lands
Pamela Rasfeld
Vanessa McKinnon
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Special Thanks

Much of the material in the original Veterans Files was submitted by surviving family members and community teachers, clergy, employers, friends and co-workers during the late 1940s. We are able to remember these men because those they left behind wanted them to be remembered.

In the early 1990s two volunteers, Dick Ridley and Robert White, worked under the direction of then Carolina Room Manager Pat Ryckman to begin preparing the files for publication. Mr. Ridley and Mr. White spent countless hours sorting the files, doing additional research, and completing informal telephone surveys in search of additional information.

Dick Ridley, again as a volunteer, was instrumental in reviving the project in the late 1990s. He scanned countless photographs and completed additional research to make the Web exhibit a reality.

Many groups and individuals gave generously of their time and resources immediately following World War II to create the original "Veterans Files". We give them special thanks.


The American Legion - Charlotte Units, especially No.64, Hornet's Nest, Howard Hughes, and Independence.
American War Dads - Charlotte Chapter
Girl Scouts Troops of Charlotte
Navy Mothers
Veterans of Foreign Wars
Veterans of Foreign Wars Auxiliary
War Dads Auxiliary
War Mothers
Y.M.C.A. of Charlotte
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William Archer
Mrs. M.L. Black
E.R. Bucher
Mrs. Alberta H. Campbell
Mrs. W.D. Carpenter
Guy T. Carswell
Mrs. Martha Carter
Mrs. M.O. Carter
Mrs. J.F. Clark
Mrs. W.R. Clark
Francis O. Clarkson
Elsie Cline
Mrs. J.L. Cline
Shirley Crane
Joanne Dobbins
George W. Dooley
Mrs. George W. Dooley
Mrs. R.A. Dunn
Francis Fairley
Mrs. S.Q. Garrison
Mrs. L.D. Gregory
L.H. Griffith
Mrs. Earle Harris
J. Mack Hatch
J.M. Hatch
Mrs. R.E. Hood
Mrs. Kathleen H. Hood
Mrs. J.H. Hursey
J. Laurence Jones, Jr.
Alex Josephs
Lex Kluttz
Clarence Kuester
Mrs H.C. Little
Beth Lyles
Mrs. Josie McCall
Parks McConnell
Bob MeManeus
Mrs. J.W. Miller
Mrs. M.H. Morrow
Mrs. S.B. Muse
Dr. Tom Nisbet
Mrs. Virginia Presnell
James Purnell
Betty Sue Rhinehardt
W.A. (Bill) Richards
Yvonne Richardson
Martha Ann Satterfield
Frank O. Sherrill
Mrs. Walter G. Shoemaker
Dr. Herbert Spaugh
Mrs. Adell Templeton
Mrs. L.W. Turner
Lillian Walker
Neill Whitlock
Mrs. A. Thomas Williams
Mrs. A.J. Wilson
Mrs. T.H. Yearwood

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Items from this exhibit may be shared in accordance with the Fair Use provisions of U.S. copyright law. Redistribution or republication on other terms, in any medium, requires express written consent from and advance notification of the Public Library of Charlotte and Mecklenburg County.


Note: Hundreds of The Charlotte Observer and The Charlotte News clippings are part of the original Veterans Files and were used to obtain information about veterans.

J. A. Daly. "Vast Activity at Army's QM Depot." The Charlotte News. October 10, 1942.

Jean Hendrix, "The Young Men's Christian Association." The Charlotte Observer. January 14, 1940.

"QMC Depot Salvages Many Useful Items." The Charlotte Observer, August 18, 1943.

"Seek Facts on Dead of First World War." The Charlotte Observer. May 17, 1946.

"Vets to Work on YMCA File." The Charlotte Observer. August 29, 1946.

"Will Discuss War Dead List." The Charlotte News. May 16, 1946.

"Y Compiling Record of County War Dead." The Charlotte News. May 17, 1946.
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McAlister Carson, Jr., ed. Snips and Cuts 1940. Charlotte: Observer Printing House, 1940. (Central High School Yearbook)

Brevard Myers, ed. Snips and Cuts 1941. Charlotte: Observer Printing House, 1941. (Central High School Yearbook)

Steven J. Mrozek. The 82nd Airborne Division. Dallas: Taylor Publishing Company, 1987.

Lester R. Smith. Our Patriots of America. Winston-Salem, NC: National Patriotic Publishers, 1944.

Whitney Smith. The Flag Book of The United States. New York: William Morrow & Company, Inc., 1975.

Donald G. Taggart, ed. History of the Third Infantry Division in World War II. Nashville: The Battery Press, 1987.

Dilworth Methodist Church Memorial Booklet. Charlotte, 1946.

World War II Honor List of Dead and Missing, State of North Carolina. Washington, D.C.: War Department, 1946.
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Please note: Hundreds of The Charlotte Observer and The Charlotte News clippings are part of the original Veterans Files and were used to obtain photographs of veterans. Many photographs from Veterans Files are in fair to poor condition. Project staff used Photoshop ® to sharpen features and enhance images for better display.

HyPark, published each month by the employee's of the Highland Park Manufacturing Company, Charlotte, NC and Rock Hill, SC. (1941-1946, various issues)

Mecklenburg County Gold Star Mothers Club, Incorporated, Collection. Robinson Spangler Carolina Room, Public Library of Charlotte and Mecklenburg County.
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