Local News from April 1899

April 1, 1899

Edwin A. Anderson, U.S.N. gave Dr. J. B. Alexander, President of the Mecklenburg Historical Society, relics of the Spanish-American War that he personally selected from the battlefields of Cuba. Anderson wanted them in safe keeping in his native North Carolina as a testimony to the bravery of American soldiers and sailors. 



The girls from Presbyterian and Elizabeth Colleges left for the holidays.
Unidentified Elizabeth College girls.



An editorial was printed about how unfair the government pension fund was. There were fewer veterans and widows alive but pension pay and pension appropriations were increasing.


April 2, 1899


The War Department announced that troops returning from Cuba may bring yellow fever infection.


David Wallace, Sr., of Charlotte, dies at home after an illness. He had been a member of the firm of Wallace Bros. Co. and had been a rabbi of the Congregational Emmanuel.


April 4, 1899


Mr. E. D. Latta of the Four Cs company bought the Charlotte Gas Light Company. He promised Charlotte that "gas shall never again be sold in Charlotte for more than $1.50 for illuminating and $1.25 for fuel purposes...."


April 5, 1899


Wade Hampton Harris is completing his third edition of sketches of Charlotte. 10,000 copies will be available in the fall.


A corporation was formed named the Charlotte Opera House Company. It purchased land from A. B. Davidson to build a new opera house. The land cost $3,200 and was located behind the courthouse.


Citizens of Mt. Holly were asking that a bridge be built in their area to help farmers get their produce to market faster than farmers from Gaston, Lincoln and Catawba counties.


April 7, 1899


The Charlotte Observer cost $8.00 for one year, $4.00 for six months, and $2.00 for three months. The semi-weekly Observer cost $1.00 for one year, 50 cents for six months, and 25 cents for three months.


April 9, 1899


Joel Chandler Harris wrote a syndicated column for The Charlotte Daily Observer called "Plantation Pageants" about Brer Rabbit.


Colonel Fred Olds contributed an article that suggests those opposing annexation of Cuba might change their mind if they visited there.


April 14, 1899


The Boston Bloomers (girls) played 9 Charlotte men in baseball. The men won 12-7. Many elderly gentlemen had never seen the game before and sat up front.


April 16, 1899


The Saturday Morning Club held a tea and dinner for the benefit of the library. It was at the Manufacturers’ Club.


There was much press about the Spanish-American War in Cuba and the current war that was in the Philippines. Troops from all over were moving through Charlotte. John R. Ritch, a soldier from Charlotte, has a letter published from overseas.


Mr. D. A. Tompkins spoke to the newspaper men of Richmond, VA concerning his thoughts on the cotton industry. He believed that the area could make millions of dollars by sending raw cotton to the mills of New England and Old England.


April 26, 1899


Mayor Springs thanked the board for their cooperation and cordial treatment during his term of office. Aldermen Myers, Hill and Robertson were pleased with his time in office. This was the last meeting of this board of elected officials.