Local News from August 1899

August 1 Mr. Burton Smith gave The Observer two of the more than dozens of old shells he found at the old platform and compress, the site of the old Navy yard. These relics are interesting and have a number of inquiries about them.


August 2 The Medical Society met last night. After discussion the group agreed to a resolution that would forbid a doctor to allow his name in print in connection with his professional services.


August 3 A survey of mills has been taken. The statistics show within 100 miles of Charlotte are more than 300 cotton mills, operating 2,238,451 spindles and 62,353 looms or 55% of all spindles and 57% of all looms in the South.

Mint Hill will have telephone connection with Charlotte soon. 

The Arlington Hotel is making an effort to secure a phone.
  Arlington Hotel

Davidson is on a boom. Work on the cotton seed oil mill has begun, and the work on the streets is in progress. Davidson is to be a new village from center to circumference. 

The Women's Christian Temperance Union will give an ice cream supper one night next week. 

The Little Rock Glee Club, colored, had a picnic near Derita yesterday morning.

August 4 Concord and Charlotte will try again for a conclusion on the baseball diamond at Latta Park. Charlotte won the 1st game 8-5. Concord won the second 7-0. The third was tied 2-2. 
A meeting was called for the purpose of building a steel bridge over the Catawba at Rozzelle's ferry.


August 5   Charlotte lost their final baseball game to Concord, 2-9.


August 6


Dr. J. B. Alexander spoke at the Confederate Veterans reunion and mentioned his forthcoming book on the history of Mecklenburg Co., which he was appointed to write.
Dr. J. B. Alexander  


August 8   John Springs Davidson died yesterday, one of Charlotte's well known citizens. He and Capt. S. B. Alexander were founders of Mecklenburg's road law. He was formerly one of the three road commissioners appointed by the Populist party.
August 15 Julia Jackson Christian, the granddaughter of Stonewall Jackson, is coming to Charlotte in a few days to enter Presbyterian College. She has been in Buffalo Lithia Springs with her grandmother, who is suffering from inflammation of the orbital nerve. Mrs. Stonewall Jackson will then go to a sanitarium, after leaving her doctor's care.
August 16 Mr. Joseph McCarver cultivates the Irvin vineyard on W. Trade St.
A large balcony is being built over the sidewalk in front of the Elk Temple.
  Elk Temple
August 18
Elizabeth College will now have a new transportation line from the city to the college. Opportunities will start for married ladies and others to take decorative glass and china painting.
Elizabeth College  

The Mint Hill Dramatic Club will give an entertainment at Sharon tonight.

August 20
McCausland & Co's new building is nearing completion on S. Tryon opposite the new 4 C's Bldg. It will be 3 stories.
  McCausland & Co.
August 22
The pastor of Tryon St. Methodist Church died yesterday. Dr. Walter S. Creasy had served other churches in North Carolina before coming to Charlotte. He was considered the ablest minister of the Methodist Church in North Carolina. 
Tryon St. Methodist Church  
August 24
The Davidson Academy will open Tuesday, Sept. 6th. Miss Currie will be principal again, and Miss Lucy Martin will be in charge of the primary departments.

F. P. Milburn says he's never seen so many people flocking to the mountains to escape the yellow fever districts. Every available house is full, and many are living in tents.
Sheriff Wallace attended the picnic at Ebenezer yesterday, at least that was what was told to parties who called at the courthouse to get tickets to the hanging.
The 15th annual lawn party at Pineville will be held on 8-31.

August 31 Today is the anniversary of the big earthquake in 1886.