Local News from December 1899

The following advertisements were gleaned from The Charlotte Observer from 100 years ago. The Charlotte Observer and other local newspapers from as early as 1869 are available for viewing on microfilm in the Public Library of Charlotte and Mecklenburg County's Robinson-Spangler Carolina Room.

December 7 Advertisement for S. S. McNinch & Co., 205 S. College, Charlotte, NC
Copy reads:
When the Red is on the Maple and all nature is aglow with deep, rich hues of autumn, a nice family vehicle with our "Easy" Rubber Tires is much to be desired. Full stock of vehicles. Come and see.
Yours Truly, 
S. S. McNinch
205 S. College

S. S. McNinch & Co.
December 10 Advertisement for W. I. VanNess, 21 N. Tryon St., Charlotte, NC
W. I. VanNess
Copy reads:
A Kodak will afford an abundance of pleasure and make a most acceptable gift. We sell the finest kodaks made and give full instructions how to get the best results. Full line amateur supplies.
December 12 Advertisement for L. W. Osborne & Son, 32 E. Trade St., Charlotte, NC
Copy reads:
Santa Claus will tickle the horsemen with a handsome new whip, fine saddle or harness, comfortable, rich and handsome fur, or lap robes chosen from our up-to-date and handsome stock. Our fine harness will make a Christmas gift that will be appreciated. Our prices are as attractive as our goods.
L. W. Osborne & Son
L. W. Osborne & Son
December 13 Advertisement for J. W. Wadsworth's Sons, 220-224 N. Tryon, Charlotte, NC
J. W. Wadsworth's Sons
Copy Reads:
Phone to Wadsworth's Sons for prompt passenger and baggage service. Leading Liverymen. Anything from a horse and buggy to a "locomobile."
J. W. Wadsworth's Son
Phone 26
December 15 Advertisement for Stone & Barringer, 22 S. Tryon St., Charlotte, NC
Copy reads:
An arrangement of 6 door units with export tops and bases.
Stone & Barringer, Books Stationery and Art Store, 22 S. Tryon St.
Stone & Barringer
December 16 Advertisement for Piedmont Furniture Company, 17 W. Trade St., Charlotte, NC
Piedmont Furniture Store
Copy Reads:
The perils of the much-married man are illustrated in Congressman Roberts' case, but they're not comparable with those usually "run" by the family man in his household economy. He's beset on every hand with the peril of buying cheap goods and paying high prices, eventually going "broke."
Furniture prices here allow of his economizing and gives him plenty of time to pay for his purchases while enjoying their use. We have a well-assorted stock to select from.
December 21 Advertisement for E. W. Mellon & Co., 10 W. Trade St., Charlotte, NC
Copy reads:
Compliments of the season.
There will be a mighty rush the balance of the week. We will make shopping easy for you, however. A large number of polite salesmen are at your disposal; a large, handsome, well lighted store; and the best of all, the greatest collection of presents for boys and men to be found. You have here everything desirable for the gentleman's wear---you could not do better in New York. E. W. Mellon & Co.
Mail orders have prompt attention.
E. W. Mellon & Co.
December 23 Advertisement for Gilreath & Co., 16 S. Tryon St., Charlotte, NC
Gilreath & Co.
Copy Reads:
The Meteor, a shoe for gentlemen. Best French enamel, swell double sole, hand-sewed welt, sizes 5-11, widths B, C, D and E, price $3.75. By express, prepaid, $4. Catalogue free.
Gilbreath & Co.
December 29 Advertisement for Gilreath & Co., 16 S. Tryon, Charlotte, NC
Copy reads:
The season's popular style is the foxed lace boot, heavy welt sole, Cornell toe, kid tip, or patent tip, sizes 2 to 6, width B to E; price $3.
The Queen Quality Catalogue will be sent free.
Gilreath & Co
Gilreath & Co.
December 30 Advertisement for R. Portner Brewing Co., 317 S. College, Charlotte, NC
R. Portner Brewing Co.
Copy reads:
Strength is the main consideration for good health. This don't mean that a man must possess the strength of a Hercules, but enough to withstand a reasonable amount of hard labor. Hofbrau Beer gives that strength through being perfectly brewed from best malt and hops. It goes to the spot in satisfying thirst and creating healthy tissue.
R. Portner Brewing Co.,
C. Valaer, manager.
Phone No. 5.