Mecklenburg County Medical Society

Annie Alexander had been in practice for over a decade in 1903, when the local physicians organized themselves into the Mecklenburg County Medical Society. She evidently welcomed this step towards professionalization, for she was one of the charter members, as was her father. “Annie L Alexander” was the second person to sign the roster. 
Dr. Annie Alexander must have won the respect of the male physicians of Charlotte, for she served as the first Secretary-Treasurer of the Medical Society. She would eventually hold the office of Vice-President as well as President. The newspaper clipping, "Medical Society Meets," notes that "Dr. Annie Alexander read a paper on 'Goitre.'" 
Charter members of Mecklenburg Medical Society and 
Charlotte Daily Observer, December 8, 1903.
Roster of the Mecklenburg County Medical Society, 1903  Charlotte Observer, Dec. 8, 1903
(Roster from Charles Strong, History of Mecklenburg County Medicine, p.63)
In addition to being a member of the Mecklenburg County Medical Society. Dr. Annie was actively involved in the Women Physicians of the Southern Medical Association. In 1924, she served as vice president of the women's group.
As President of the Mecklenburg County Medical Society, she spearheaded a campaign against hookworm, which was prevalent in the south.
In addition to her professional associations, she wrote a number of research papers and presented them at various medical societies in North Carolina:
“Summer Complaint” (1893)
“Pneumonia” (1896)
“The Care of the Premature Infant” (1914)
“Management of the Puerperinum,”
“Cervical Adenitis”
“Symptoms of Lobar Pneumonia,”
“Tularemia” (1928, 1929) 
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