The Renwick Family

Jane Jeffrey Renwick (1774-1850)
Jane Jeffrey Renwick, grandmother to both John Wilkes and Jane Smedberg
William Renwick was born in Manchester, England on April 26, 1769. He came to America in 1783 and was naturalized in 1786. He married Jane Jeffrey on August 15, 1791 (Left). She was born in Ruthwell, Scotland on May 29, 1774. Scottish poet Robert Burns wrote the poem, “A Blue-Eyed Lassie” in her honor. William Renwick was a merchant and died in Greenwich Village in 1808. Jane Jeffrey Renwick died on October 6, 1850.
Their children:
  1. James Renwick (1792-1863) m. Margaret Brevoort
  2. Robert Jeffrey Renwick (1793-1875) m. Mary Rhinelander in 1815
  3. Agnes Armstrong Renwick (1795-1798)
  4. Isabella Renwick (1797-1862) m. Charles  Augustus Smedberg in 1815
  5. William Renwick (1799-1847)
  6. Jane Jeffrey Renwick (1801-1848)  m.  Charles Wilkes in 1826
  7. John Renwick (1803-1828)
  8. Sarah Kemp Renwick (1804-1805)
  9. Agnes Renwick (1807-1840) m. Reverend James Vernon Henry (1798-1873)
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