The Smedberg Family

Charles Augustus Smedberg, 1781-1845
  • —Charles Augustus Smedberg (1781-1845) was born in Sweden. His family were prominent bankers and merchants. He came to New York in 1812 as a representative of the Bank of England.
  • —There he met and married Isabella Renwick and like many enterprising young men became an importer or merchant of goods from overseas.
  • —In the 1840s, he purchased a summer home for the family called Devasego as well as a tannery and a mill in Prattsville, Greene County, New York.
  • —The couple had thirteen children, eleven boys and two daughters, including Jane Renwick Smedberg  (1827-1913) whom the family called “Jeanie.” By 1841, only eight of the children were still living.
  • —Sadly, Charles Smedberg died unexpectedly in the summer of 1845. His death left the family in a precarious financial situation.
  • —(At left, Charles A. Smedberg c 1825) 
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