Mecklenburg County Divorces

Mecklenburg County divorce records indexed on this site are available at the Robinson-Spangler Carolina Room and the Mecklenburg County Courthouse. To request a complete copy of the record from the library, please contact us at 704.416.0150, or email us. The abstracted records available at this site will only have the name of the plaintiff, the defendant and the year of the divorce.

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Plaintiff Last Namesort descending Plaintiff First Name Defendant Last Name Defendant First Name Year
Allen FannieE. Allen Gene E. alias Eugene Allen 1934
Allen Fred C. Allen Mary 1943
Allen Gerald D. Allen Frances B. 1955
Allen Gertie Mae Allen Paul William 1946
Allen Grace L. Allen James Gold(en) 1950
Alley Kathleen Scott Alley John Kyle 1941
Alley Maude Alley Joe 1917
Allison Sallie M. Allison Robert E. 1953
Allison Sam Allison Hattie 1925
Allison Annie Lee Mann Allison M. F. 1933
Allison Chestene C. Allison George W. 1954
Allison Elizabeth Nossar Allison Robert Martin 1954
Allison F. M. Allison Minnie B. 1920
Allison Helen Northey Hicks Allison William Scott, Jr. 1954
Allison John Allison Ardelia 1918
Allmand Willie Allmand Carl 1942
Allmon Anna Bell Allmon H. M. 1927
Allmon Homer M. Allmon Pauline Miller 1947
Allmon Homer M. Allmon Emma 1941
Allmon Walter Allmon Ineze Barts 1937
Allocco Neil Allocco Camellia 1948
Allred Cleo Allred A. M. 1920
Allred Cynthia O. Wells Allred J. L. 1954
Allred George Dewey Allred Annie Jane 1947
Allred Lenora Allred Arthur 1915
Allred Velma Howard Allred Walter Edward 1949
Almentero Joseph L. Almentero Lillian 1945
Almond Annie C. Almond Jethroe 1897
Almond Edna Lowery Almond J. Clegg 1948
Almond M. E. Almond Liston V. 1878
Alred Frances E. McGuirt Alred Edwin Cecil 1955
Alsobrooks W. R. Alsobrooks Naomi 1939
Alston Cassandra Alston Nelson 1902
Alston Frank D., Jr. Alston Denitia Little 1942
Altman Betty Jean Altman Harry Talmadge 1951
Altman Mabel Rivers Altman Herman G. 1939
Alva Clara Benfield Alva Ben Raymond, Jr. 1949
Alvis Ernest Oscar Alvis Susie Katherine 1951
Amerson Effie Fincannon Amerson Ben 1934
Ammonds Lonnie J. Ammonds Etha 1946
Ammons Earl Douglas Ammons Mary B. 1945
Ammons Lilly Ernestine Ammons Bonell Edward 1947
Ammons Mary Francis Taylor Ammons Jethro Jay 1947
Anderson Amanda Stewart Anderson George William 1951
Anderson Anna Anderson David 1953
Anderson Betty Redd Anderson Don 1932
Anderson Betty Wilbanks Anderson Bland 1951
Anderson Carl F. Anderson Edith Iverson 1945
Anderson Catherine Culp Anderson H. C., Jr. 1937
Anderson Elizabeth Thomas Anderson Glenn M. 1931
Anderson Ethel A. Anderson A. C. 1943
Anderson Eudosia B. Anderson R. L. 1930
Anderson Florence Anderson Samuel A. 1917
Anderson Frances S. Anderson Norwood W. 1953
Anderson H. C., Jr. Anderson Catherine Culp 1936
Anderson James R. Anderson Sarah Elizabeth 1935
Anderson Jerusha Louise Ross Anderson Walter Robert 1946
Anderson John Henry Anderson Lula 1945
Anderson Laura A. Anderson Henry G. 1876
Anderson Levaner Anderson Eugene 1944
Anderson Margaret Anderson Carlie 1945
Anderson Pearl Anderson V. E. 1930
Anderson Ruby Harding Anderson Wilbur J. 1945
Anderson Sallie Wilson Anderson Izonia 1942
Anderson T. E. Anderson Amanda 1910
Anderson Trezevant Anderson Roberta 1935
Anderson Versie Elizabeth Anderson Karl Walter 1950
Anderson W. E. Anderson Nora P. 1945
Anderson William A. Anderson Harriette Flocus 1950
Anderson A. L. Anderson Robert L. 1913
Anderson Amanda Catherine Anderson Leon Traves 1952
Andrews Joseph H. Andrews Mona Jackson 1945
Andrews Vera Andrews Raymond J. 1935
Andrews Cecelia Young Andrews J. H. 1953
Andrews Elizabeth Andrews Thornwell H. 1929
Andrews Evelyn Andrews James W. 1945
Andrews Evelyn Alexander Andrews William Henry 1965
Andrews Frank L. Andrews Irene Gilmer 1941
Andrews Hilda B. Andrews C. W. 1928
Angel James Angel Ethel 1926
Angelos Peggy N. Angelos Gus L. 1947
Anthony Bessie Annie Anthony Christopher Columbus 1946
Anthony Clifford R. Anthony Virgie Lee Scott 1953
Anthony Helen L. Anthony Robert C. 1947
Anthony Jettie Jones Anthony William 1947
Anthony William Anthony Lelia 1943
Antley Thomas Boger Antley Mary Lillian S. 1946
Antonio Margaret Virginia Antonio Jimmy George 1944
Antonio Vista Antonio Steve George 1946
Applegate Mary Lou Applegate Dennis F. 1950
Aragon Melva Aragon Primitivio Isadora 1950
Archer Adrian Archer Adella B. 1940
Archer McKinley Archer Bertha Privett 1928
Archibald Miriam C. Archibald N. A. 1937
Archie Henry Archie Martha 1880
Archie Lillie Talford Archie J. C. 1952
Ardrey Dewitt Ardrey Sarah 1953
Ardrey Lula Ardrey John 1906
Ardrey Susie Ardrey John 1911
Arent Curtis Lee Arent Louella H. 1946